Dealing with the Texas Heat

Summer is great! But, sometimes summer outdoor sessions can be a little challenging. Especially when it reaches 100 degrees and it's only May. The best thing you can do is avoid shooting midday (which you want to do anyways lighting wise) Shoot in the shade. Not only does this create even lighting on the subject but it keeps everybody cool. Take plenty of breaks. Nothing will ruin a great session more than being uncomfortable in the heat. Plan your poses ahead of time. Planning will help keep time out in the sun and heat to a minimum. 

Side note: I love these two so much

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Spring Time Sessions

Spring is one of my favorite times to shoot, everything is bright and vibrant, the air smells amazing because of the blooming flowers and winter grumpiness starts to melt away. (cheesy I know) In Texas we are graced with fields upon fields of Bluebonnets. Its something every Texas does and we all poke fun of at the same time. But we can all agree they are beautiful flowers. 

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The Challenges of New Equipment

There will always be a learning curve when it comes to testing out brand spankin' new equipment. This past week I invested in a 20mm prime lens. I think it creates some beautiful but intimate shots. But I usually shoot with a 50mm prime, and although both prime lenses they are completely different mindset when shooting. With the 20mm I must be closer and realize that everything 2 feet in front of me is in view. It took about 2 days of continuous shooting to change my mindset when taking a photo. I shot so much with my 50mm I knew exactly what shot I was getting when I would hold the viewfinder to my face. So when I would bring the viewfinder up with the 20mm I was very caught off guard what was in the frame. Slowly but surely my mind began to include more of the environment as I shot and it became easier to see the frame in my mind before pulling the camera to my face to shoot. I have not mastered this lens yet, but I am enjoying the difference in perspective and viewpoint it provides.


Environmental Portarits

Portaits are a classic form of art. There are many ways to create portraits and in today’s time photography is the most popular for creating portraits. But there are many types of portraits and they all serve and create a purposeful narraitive. Environmental is one of my favorite types. Usually the subject is most comfortable in the environment they choose. There is usually a lot of meaning behind the location. Environmental portraits feel more natural and they provide a more in-depth storytelling. The example below is the subject taking in their surroundings. No it’s not of their face but a portrait doesn’t have to be. There is a sense of calmness and beauty encapsulated in the image below. The subject’s stance implies that they are ready to continue on after this brief break. The cues of their belonging shows that they are also on a journey to capture the moments that surround them and are ready at a moments notice. I prefer these type of portraits because of the richness in storytelling.



Landscapes are one of my favorite things to shoot. They're also my favorite to create prints of. You can visit the exact same location and have a completely different image than before. Weather, time of day and natural erosion constantly change a landscape and how it will be captured. I find my best shots are the ones I didn't intend to take. Rather, I was in the moment enjoying the view and decided to bring my camera out. Landscapes can be very intimate images if captured at the right time. 

Red Beach - Maui, HI
Maui, Hi
Guadalupe River
Ibiza, Spain.

Golden Hour

One of my favorite times to shoot is during the "golden hour" Some of my best landscapes come from this time frame. The lighting isn't as harsh and personally I live the glow it gives to whatever my subject is. 

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Pet Portraits

Approximately 44% of American households have pets. Now more than ever are our pets bigger parts of our family. Though they are here for a shorter amount of time they are no less important. Capturing photos of our non-human babies helps preserve their life and the memories we have of them while they are here. More people are opting for their pets to be included in family portraits, and why shouldn't they be? If we consider them apart of the family they should absolutely be included in family portraits.

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West Texas

West Texas is one of my favorite regions of the state. You would be surprised how much diversity in plant and animal life live out there. Mountains, sand dunes, plains, and spring oasis can all be found in this region. It's kind of amazing really. I would highly recommend anyone just exploring another region of Texas to head west and enjoy the drive. It's a site to behold like non other in the state.

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What are you waiting for? Go go go!