The Challenges of New Equipment

There will always be a learning curve when it comes to testing out brand spankin' new equipment. This past week I invested in a 20mm prime lens. I think it creates some beautiful but intimate shots. But I usually shoot with a 50mm prime, and although both prime lenses they are completely different mindset when shooting. With the 20mm I must be closer and realize that everything 2 feet in front of me is in view. It took about 2 days of continuous shooting to change my mindset when taking a photo. I shot so much with my 50mm I knew exactly what shot I was getting when I would hold the viewfinder to my face. So when I would bring the viewfinder up with the 20mm I was very caught off guard what was in the frame. Slowly but surely my mind began to include more of the environment as I shot and it became easier to see the frame in my mind before pulling the camera to my face to shoot. I have not mastered this lens yet, but I am enjoying the difference in perspective and viewpoint it provides.