Spring Time Sessions

Spring is one of my favorite times to shoot, everything is bright and vibrant, the air smells amazing because of the blooming flowers and winter grumpiness starts to melt away. (cheesy I know) In Texas we are graced with fields upon fields of Bluebonnets. Its something every Texas does and we all poke fun of at the same time. But we can all agree they are beautiful flowers. 

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The Challenges of New Equipment

There will always be a learning curve when it comes to testing out brand spankin' new equipment. This past week I invested in a 20mm prime lens. I think it creates some beautiful but intimate shots. But I usually shoot with a 50mm prime, and although both prime lenses they are completely different mindset when shooting. With the 20mm I must be closer and realize that everything 2 feet in front of me is in view. It took about 2 days of continuous shooting to change my mindset when taking a photo. I shot so much with my 50mm I knew exactly what shot I was getting when I would hold the viewfinder to my face. So when I would bring the viewfinder up with the 20mm I was very caught off guard what was in the frame. Slowly but surely my mind began to include more of the environment as I shot and it became easier to see the frame in my mind before pulling the camera to my face to shoot. I have not mastered this lens yet, but I am enjoying the difference in perspective and viewpoint it provides.


Golden Hour

One of my favorite times to shoot is during the "golden hour" Some of my best landscapes come from this time frame. The lighting isn't as harsh and personally I live the glow it gives to whatever my subject is. 

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