Environmental Portarits

Portaits are a classic form of art. There are many ways to create portraits and in today’s time photography is the most popular for creating portraits. But there are many types of portraits and they all serve and create a purposeful narraitive. Environmental is one of my favorite types. Usually the subject is most comfortable in the environment they choose. There is usually a lot of meaning behind the location. Environmental portraits feel more natural and they provide a more in-depth storytelling. The example below is the subject taking in their surroundings. No it’s not of their face but a portrait doesn’t have to be. There is a sense of calmness and beauty encapsulated in the image below. The subject’s stance implies that they are ready to continue on after this brief break. The cues of their belonging shows that they are also on a journey to capture the moments that surround them and are ready at a moments notice. I prefer these type of portraits because of the richness in storytelling.